The Broken Hearted
Sunday, 14 October 2012 @ 00:11 | 0 Paris

Dear you, i just wanna say that i don't wanna a broken hearted. I don't wanna be without you. I know that i love you, but let me just say, i don't wanna love you in no kind way. And now, this time for me to move on even its difficult for me to leave my love without you. Keap me baby inside your heart. Always. I just wanna tell that i will always remember you and will never forget you.

Baby, i started to move on with my first step to have a crush. And i know it will be a chalanging step for me to find a guy that better than you. Gonna miss ya baby. But somehow i will miss you like the first time we started our life together. Lastly, i hope you will find someome who is better than me. Take a good care babe. I LOVE YOU :)